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Gathering Coffee Co. Comes Together in Detroit


Gathering Coffee Co 2
Though the concept of gathering has taken on lots of new weight in 2020, a new Detroit coffee shop by the name of Gathering Coffee Co. is nonetheless hoping to...

New Pressurized Coffee Container Called Stor is a Gas


Stor 1
A new pressurized storage system for roasted coffee and other goodies prone to staling called Stor — styled by the maker as STØR — has emerged from schoolteacher-helmed startup Precision...

ICO Seeks Support for Coffee’s Next Generation on International Coffee Day


coffee youth
Given a sustained period of low, commodity-driven coffee prices and a general disregard on the part of some of the world’s largest buyers for the people who actually produce coffee,...

KC’s Messenger Coffee and The Roasterie Now Part of FairWave Holdings


Popular Kansas City, Missouri-based specialty coffee roasters/retailers The Roasterie and Messenger Coffee Company have joined as part of a new holding company called FairWave Holdings. The new business also includes...

Compass Coffee Offering Pay to Staff Volunteering at Polling Places


Coffee roaster and retailer Compass Coffee held voter registration events this week at eight of its 12 cafes around Washington D.C. and Arlington, Virginia, for National Voter Registration Day. Compass...

So Smooth: Carlos Santana Has Launched a Coffee Company


Carlos Santana Coffee 2
Real life guitar hero and youth-focused philanthropist Carlos Santana has launched his own coffee company, which is naturally called the Carlos Santana Coffee Company. The coffee partner for the venture,...

Coffeeholic House Brings the Latest in Vietnamese Coffee to Seattle


Coffeeholic House 2
Opening at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic’s first wave in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood, Coffeeholic House has been offering a welcome slice of contemporary Vietnamese coffee culture. “Growing up...

Snowy Elk Coffee Expands its Range with Roastery in Cheyenne, Wyoming


SECC classroom
Specialty coffee roasting company Snowy Elk Coffee Co. has found much more space to roam inside a new roastery and warehouse in a 2,500-square-foot space in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Founded in...

Keurig Courts Support for Smaller Roasters with ‘Love’ Blend


Keurig Love Blend
In a strange melding of coffee worlds, single-serve coffee giant Keurig is putting its heft behind a new product designed to support much smaller “local” roasting companies in the United...

Coffee Consumption Linked to Improved Outcomes in Colon Cancer Patients


Pexels photo
Coffee consumption may increase the survival chances of people diagnosed with colon cancer while reducing the risk of the disease worsening, according to new research published in the journal JAMA...

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